sugar free product guide.

Become a sugar savvy shopper




Following on from the hidden sugars guide, knowing which products have sugar in them (hidden or otherwise) is going to make grocery shopping a lot easier.

Below is a list of sugar free products available in New Zealand and Australia that I love. If you’re located elsewhere in the world, look out for equivalent brands and check the ingredient lists. Some of the products below will also ship internationally if you really want to try them!

All the products below are dairy and gluten free too.



  • activated almond milk – Pacific Harvest unsweetened almond milk
  • activated nuts and seeds – Little Bird Organics activated almonds, hazelnuts, buckwheat & pumpkin seeds
  • basil seeds – Aotea Road basil seeds
  • beetroot powder – Bioglans or Nature’s Way
  • black bean spaghetti – Eco Organics (note: some black bean spaghetti’s are made from black soy beans so check the labels)
  • bread – The Larder Project sesame & linseeds, walnut & pumpkin
  • bread – The Midnight Baker Freedom Loaf Mix Buckwheat (contains buckwheat, also omit the Tbsp of sweetener)
  • bruschetta dip – Delmaine artichoke, red pepper & jalapeno
  • chai spice mix – Mister Chai organic chai spice mix
  • chocolate – She Universe sugar free passion fruit & pineapple chocolate
  • chocolate – She Universe sugar free mandarin & orange chocolate
  • coconut milk – Little Island Drinking Coconut Milk (does contain tapioca syrup but less than 4g per serve)
  • coconut yoghurt – Raglan Coconut Yoghurt natural
  • coconut yoghurt – Cathedral Cove Naturals plain coconut yoghurt
  • coconut yoghurt – Coyo natural & vanilla coconut yoghurts
  • coconut water – CoAqua
  • crackers – Hello Raw sprouted beetroot + oregano; carrot + cashew
  • crackers – Little Bird Prganics flax + almond; mexican sundried tomato
  • crispy flats – Little Bird Organics kale, spinach + garlic; beet, carrot + rosemary
  • crisps – Proper Crisps kumara, parsnip & garden medley crisps (if you’re going to eat crisps, these are made with sunflower oil which is better than canola)
  • falafel – antoinette’s falafel (these are deep fried in canola oil so eat sparingly)
  • falafel – turkish kitchen fresh falafel mix (these are grain and sugar free, but do contain sunflower oil)
  • falafel – Alamir bakery falafel bites (these are deep fried in rapeseed oil so eat sparingly)
  • fritter mix – Ceres Organics herbalicious fritter mix
  • hummus – Kohkoz traditional hummus (love that this is made with olive oil instead of vegetable/canola or sunflower)
  • hummus – Lisa’s original hummus, garlic hummus, original with chilli dukkah & japapeno hummus (these are the only Lisa’s hummus that are sugar free, but they do contain sunflower oil)
  • hummus – Seasons Gourmet original hummus with horopito or kawakawa (sugar free but contain sunflower oil)
  • olives – Ghiotti
  • olives – Delmaine fresh & in brine
  • pesto – Genoese plant based basil pesto (sugar free and made with olive oil!)
  • pesto – Genoese plant based beetroot real dip (sugar free and made with olive oil!)
  • pesto – Genoese plant based capsicum real dip (sugar free and made with olive oil!)
  • plant latté mixes – The Nutmylk Co. Latte lab – red velvet & gingerbread latté mixes
  • plant latté mixes – Nutraorganics red velvet, lovers, & lunar latté blends (the others contain manuka honey)
  • plant latté mixes – Mistyday Plant Potions
  • nut and seed butters – Ceres Organics
  • nut and seed butters – Poppy & Olive
  • nut and seeds butters – Forty Thieves
  • nut butters – Fix & Fogg
  • nut cheese – Savour nut cheeses
  • salad toppers – Little Bird Organics super salad clusters
  • sauerkraut – Forage & Ferment wild krauts & kimchi
  • sauerkraut – Living Goodness sauerkrauts & kimchi
  • soup – Pitango pumpkin soup (other flavours have sweeteners added)
  • superfood blends – Nutraorganics super greens + reds, clean greens
  • tea – Pukka herbal teas
  • tea – Higher Living Organic teas
  • tea – Planet Organic herbal teas
  • tea – Dilmah exceptional herbal teas
  • wraps – The Vegery carrot & flax seed wraps